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How would your company benefit from a custom-designed Art Program?

Today's business climate carries a myriad of challenges.   Economic uncertainty, a decrease in employee loyalty, and maintaining professional as well as nurturing environments for our clients and employees are just a few.

Our company brings to you 30 years of design experience.  We can transform your corporate environment into a beloved collection of fine photographs tailored to your specific theme, decor, and budget.

Here’s how we do it.

  1. Develop a theme that speaks to your company’s goals, vision, style, and temperament.
  2. Specify location, size, and framing.  Our specialty is creating a program for you that makies it easy to move, or rotate, your images every year or so, giving the entire space a continually fresh perspecticve.
  3. Budget, with options to complete the plan all at once or phase a plan over several years.
  4. Procure images or commission custom work from fine photographic artists across the nation.
  5. Produce archival prints, custom frame and install.

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