J U D Y     H I L L 
U N L I M I T E D 

2nd Floor Lobby Lower Lobby 3rd Floor Lobby

Center for Bioenvironmental Research

At Tulane and Xavier Univiersities, New Orleans, Louisiana

“An organization committed to thinking with creativity and care about the health of our bodies and our environment, CBR generates new knowledge through research and communication.” Quoted from website, www. cbr.tulane.edu

Initial Concept:  Tulane University Medical School, under the directorship of Dr. Hans Weill, built a new facility for the Center in 1994.  They came to our company requesting that we custom design the art for the modern building which would embody their mission and vision for the future as leaders and researchers in human and ecosystem Health. 

Solution:  Our futures depend on the health of our ecosystems, the water, land and air.   Thus inspired, we created large photographic triptychs for the vast and modern lobby plus added vistas of the great outdoors to windowless internal spaces. We photographed in Louisiana and procured additional local artists’ work to lend a regional as well as international focus to the idea of “thinking globally and acting locally.”

This project was a challenge to our design team.  The building is modern with sweeping curves, massive angles with very modern and powerful lighting.  Working as a team with the senior staff and architects, we created an art program that blended architectural design and theme. 

Long corridors and curved modern walls draw the eye to dramatic panoramas and vistas.  This installation has stood the test of time, as powerful now as when we first installed it ten years ago.  Because we utilized many pieces of the same dimensions, the client has the ability to rotate images from area to area, thus creating the perception of a fresh installation on a regular basis.

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