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Conference Reception Corridors

Slusser Wilson and Partridge LLP

Houston, Texas

Founded in 1999 by William Slusser, the firm focuses on intellectual property and commercial litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants at trial and on appeal.  Clients of the firm range from individuals to multibillion-dollar corporations. The firm is recognized in Chambers USA as a leading law firm in Intellectual Property in Texas.

Initial Concept:  The initial concept was sixfold: 

  1. Design an art program using the photographs of Len and Joanna Slusser. 
  2. Incorporate existing pieces from Edward Curtis collection. 
  3. Procure new work, including the famous portrait of Sharbat Gula by National Geographic Photographer Steve McCurry and favorites from Judy Hill’s portfolio.
  4. Provide visual and stress relief during the intensely stressful times when the firm goes to trial, requiring partners and assistants to work long hours over a fairly long period of time.
  5. The firm was to be relocating in a short time, so the program needed a built in flexibility required by the upcoming move.
  6. Showcase the firm’s awards and major trial victories. 

Solution:  Judy Hill was engaged as a consultant to guide in selection, specify location, size, and frame design, oversee printmaking, procure new works, and manage all aspects of production and installation.

Existing works were evaluated, and conservation framed when required.  For the employee lunchroom we reframed giant maps of Texas and the United States so employees could share their travels and hometowns.

Scope:  Over 50 photographs were incorporated into the plan, representing the work of 8 photographic artists.   Each frame was uniquely chosen for the print, creating an intimate variety filled gallery, warm and personal.

Design and Production Team:  Bill and Len Slusser, Kelly Amen of KGA Design, Stuart Huck of Photo One, Mike Barrett, Sue and Ken Krebiel of Signature Framing, Corey Brayton of Framework Fine Art Services. 

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