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Judy Hill Lovins, photographic fine artist, consultant, and corporate art designer, has counseled private and corporate art collectors for nearly five decades.

Her skill as a photographer and printmaker delivers the fragile beauty of the natural landscape into our interior environments. Her mission is to inspire and renew us, and thus encourage us to visit Earth's special places and understand our role as stewards of nature's treasures.

Judy's vast library of photographic images focuses largely on medium format and panorama format film. This makes possible large, sharp prints that are windows into the natural world. For the past fifteen years, she has focused on permanent ink printmaking and digital imagery, an investment that has led to even greater creativity and deepened her passion for the art of photography. In addition to showcasing her own portfolio, Judy represents the work of select fine-art photographers from across the nation.

As a Corporate Consultant Designer, she has helped many clients transform their interior spaces into enriching environments. Among her many clients are Rocky Mountain Institute, Federal Home Loan Bank in Dallas, Vail Associates, and Tulane Medical School's Center for Bioenvironmental Research. Judy guides theme selection, placement, size and presentation. She then reviews artists' portfolios to procure the right images, and personally oversees the actual printing, framing, and installation of each piece of art.

In 1971, Judy co-founded The Hill Gallery of Photography in Aspen, Colorado, which she managed for more than 25 years. Under her direction, the gallery won national awards, was named Aspen's Best Small Business of the Year in 1995, and became one of Aspen's most-loved galleries. Since 2001, after a brief stint as a ski bum, she has worked as an independent fine-art photographer and consultant.

In 2007, Judy married Amory Lovins, co-founder and Chief Scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute (www.rmi.org). RMI is a "think and do" tank, respected as one of the foremost leaders in energy efficiency and restorative uses of resources. Photographic artistry too is among Amory's many skills. She often joins him and travels internationally to photograph and assist in RMI's mission.

Judy was born in Colorado in 1945, grew up in eastern Oregon, and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Marketing, and Human Resources from Oregon State University. She has lived since 1971 in Aspen, where she raised two sons, Miles and Nathan Hill. Miles and his wife Nastassia have thrilled her to no end with two grandsons, Nikola and Damien. Nathan and Veronica Vergara Tysiatchnaia have recently become married and are living in Aspen.

148 Aspen Village, Aspen, CO 81611
970 510-0933, judy@judyhill.com

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