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U N L I M I T E D 

2nd Floor Lobby Lobby Conference

Think Federal Credit Union (formerly IBM Mid America)

Rochester, Minnesota

“A respected financial cooperative providing quality products and services and upholding a primary mission to serve members.”

Initial Concept:  Think Federal Credit Union’s (formerly IBM Federal Credit Union) under president, Paul Horgan, built a new banking facility in Rochester, Minnesota with a modern, open style architecture.  Additionally, they had another facility, partially public, which encompassed some of the corporate offices in the same city.  They came to our company requesting that we custom design the art for the modern building that would embody their beliefs and customer service mission – “Creativity is fostered in a healthy work environment.”

Solution:  Banking can be a sterile and often unfriendly environment.  Think was determined to create a very customer oriented facility where clients would feel welcome and creativity from the employees would be encouraged in a healthy work environment.  The facility is two stories with an open staircase and large windows overlooking a creek area.  Minnesotans love the outdoors so we blended Hill images of the grand landscape with those of local artists to create a stunning panorama of the outdoors.  In conference rooms and waiting areas we utilized large photographic triptychs as well as image covered white boards and portfolios of smaller installations.  The open design of the lobby allowed patrons to view many of the larger images from either floor and added to the open feeling of the facility.  We mapped strategic traffic paths with distinctive images to assist in clients’ finding their way to the correct area of the bank. 

Whenever we can we design a rotational program, which allows us to move art from time to time, creating an exciting new interior for employees and clients alike.

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