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Elevator Lobby


Boardroom Lobby

Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas

Dallas, Texas

“ The Bank is wholly owned by member financial institutions in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas.  Its primary goal is to provide credit and other services to help members fund housing, small business, and economic and community development loans in their communities.”  Quoted from website www.fhlb.com






Initial Concept:  Four years ago the Bank moved into its new building.   Terry Smith, their President was looking for an art program that would be sensitive to today’s economic climate, enjoyed by his employees, and artfully put the finishing touches on their beautiful home office.  The interior spaces were tastefully designed with hand crafted sapele mahogany feature walls and lobbies and meticulously maintained.  Mr. Smith, a serious amateur photographer himself, was seeking art that would bring the magnificent power and placid beauty that only nature can provide into his corporate interior spaces.

 Solution:    Large format color landscape photographs were chosen to bring the beauty of the natural world indoors and provide a sense of identity to otherwise empty corridors, conference rooms and reception areas. Photographs were chosen from the United States with a geographical emphasis on the five states of the member institutions.  The elevator lobbies feature photographs of antique bank lobbies, safes, and other old time memorabilia from member banks, masterfully created by Gary Blockley.

The prints were made using archival inks and papers from digital files scanned from original large format negatives and transparencies.  In order to closely match desired specification of the rich cherry picture frame, we had the frame molding custom fabricated by Phil Koch of PKI.

The final collection includes 128 large framed prints selected from the portfolios of 20 photographic artists.

The art is designed to rotate every year, thus providing refreshing new vistas for employees, clients and visitors.

Design and Production Team:  Terry and Judi Smith, Norma Hernandez, Cindy Luterman, Harlan Bounds, Clyde Pierce of Federal Home Loan Bank, Michael Dattilo of MJDII Architects, Elliott Fey of Metaphor,  Joe Levine of Calypso Imaging, Phil Koch of PKI,  Buford Carpenter of ProLam, Bob Abbinanti of Que.
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