J U D Y     H I L L 
U N L I M I T E D 

Box Float

This frameless frame is one of our long-time favorite methods to present large prints without a frame. 

The Luster print is mounted on 1/4” black edged art masonite and protected with an ultraviolet light protective laminate.  A one-inch-deep frame is recessed behind the masonite to create a finished piece that appears to “float” off the wall.

Price List
Print Size  Box Float
24X30  $ 1.025.00
30X40  $ 1,375.00
40x50  $ 1,700.00
20x60  $ 1,475.00
24x72  $ 1,700.00
30x90  $ 2,250.00
40x90  $ 2,895.00
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